Lecture / panel discussion: transparency in life insurance

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Lecture / panel discussion: transparency in life insurance

New EU Financial Guidelines, e.g. Solvency II is aimed at a greatly expanded disclosure of information on supervisory authorities as well as on consumers. The purpose of the discussion session is to discuss how to deal effectively with the information and documentation tasks that result from these guidelines.

Find out which additional obligations arise as a result of the planned tougher legal framework and how you can avoid overloading your customers with an information flood. Experts from the FMA, the insurance industry and the economic chamber discuss what information should be prepared for the customer (voluntarily) and in what way, as well as what is meant by “customer-oriented information service”. The topics also include the monitoring of compliance with the regulations and the sanctioning of violations of the legal regulations. Here you can read how do stock brokers make money.

“Financing of non-leasing cars” & “Stress leave” 8.5.2007 18:00

Automotive leasing in the new car sector is a trend.
You can find out more about the financing of non-leasing vehicles by Managing Directors Mag. Peter Stanzer and Walter Rimpl / Sales Manager of VB Leasing Financing Company.

Leave stress behind

Learn more about your personal stress driver and how you can escape the stress trap successfully.

Location: 1040 Vienna, Schwarzenbergplatz 14 (1st floor / Festsaal)
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“What brings us the MiFID? Background, impact, implementation “| 24.5.2007 18:00

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) is to be transposed into Austrian law by November 2007. Despite the relatively short period of time until the entry into force of this EU Directive, there are still many open questions as to how the new regulations will affect practice. The financial services department invites you to inform us about the significant changes and impacts as well as discuss with experts and colleagues about the forthcoming steps.

Financially securing the survivors

Life insurance has only one goal: to provide you with a certain amount of money in old age, or to provide you with the survivors. As a product, you have the choice of risk life insurance, flexible life insurance and life insurance.

Risk life insurance is the perfect solution when it comes to financially securing the survivors. The main advantage of this insurance is that high sums can be hedged with relatively small contributions.
The flexible risk life insurance is best suited to hedge the residual debt of bank and building loan loans or other obligations. Here, the death rate protection and the course of the loan amount vary from year to year according to a fixed course.

Legal expenses insurance comparison
The legal protection insurance helps in legal disputes. With a legal protection insurance comparison one finds the appropriate legal protection insurance. No matter whether legal protection for rent, traffic, independence or the like.

If the capital life insurance ifmna wants to combine survivor protection and old-age provision, then the capital life insurance is the right one for. Remember: yes sooner you start saving, the higher your interest rates and compound interest rates will be at the end of the term.

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